Copenhagen activities

What to do in Copenhagen

It’s easy to fall in love with Copenhagen, a city at once historic and modern. Explore it by walking or biking

There are many Copenhagen activities to chose from and you’ll find them by walking or biking around. In many cities cyclists are still second-class citizens. That is not the case in Copenhagen, where half of the people pedal to work.
  • Rent a bike. Experience the local hoods by bike. You can rent one from one of the many bike shops in the city
  • Go on a canal tour. Get a feel of the city by the sea. You can hop on and off at Nyhavn
  • Check out freetown Christiania, Copenhagen’s alternative neighbourhood. This hippy enclave is a mix of homemade hourses, local handicrafts, cheap and organic eateries, nature and guided tours
  • Canoe away. If you need a break from the sightseeing and the rain is not pouring down, try renting a canoe or kayak
  • Try Tivoli Gardens, one of the cutest amusementsparks in the world.
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