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The luxurious feeling of a good story

Stories keep us together like mortar between bricks. They give us a sense of belonging, they give us answers to life’s big questions and sometimes also a good laugh.

We’ve long had a passion for great stories. In particular stories about people who change the world. The kind of people who do extraordinary things and whose lives are interwoven with the values that their home country were build upon.

But whenever we’ve visited new countries and new cities we’ve primarily been presented with texts about great buildings, the architecture behind them and the year they were build in. And perhaps a 700 pageturner about an important king or local emperor. Alternatively a factual text from Wikipedia.

If we signed up for a guided tour, we might be able to hear some more about the people whose values the place evolved out of. If we made on time, that is, and could hear the voice from the guide over the noise from the traffic.

We wanted to reinvent the art of storytelling and city walks in a digital way.
We yearned for more insight about the people who build the country and the historical times they lived in. But we didn’t want to spend a week reading a biographic novel about them. We wanted an easy way to walk in their footprint. We wanted to get a feeling for what the city or a relevant building looked like at the time these people lived. Listen to what the sounds of the city might have been like when they lived. Get a feel for the music they listened to.

So we started Click A Story.

Here you will find well told stories about extraordinary people. They take approximately 20 minutes to read.

You can also listen to the stories wrapped in a podcast with the most beautiful music, the most fantastic sounds and a touch of historical perspective. The take up to 20 minutes to listen to and at the same time you can check out pictures, historical recipes and other info. Or you can go on our interactive tour with our special 3D-drawings.

We start with Copenhagen, Denmark. However, that is just the beginning…

Nina Vinther Andersen

Nina Vinther Andersen

Founder and CEO

Sisse K. Ibsen

Head of Editing

Hans Ibsen

Head of 3D architecture

Michael Christoffersen

Head of Sounds & Podcasts

Mikkel Sønderkær Mikkelsen

Head of IT

Selina Wilken

Head of translating

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